Dog Was Near Death Until He Was Adopted By A 10 Year Old With Cancer


A dog who was abandoned and neglected for many years got his second chance in life when the family a ten-year-old boy adopted him. Zero the 8-year-old German Shepherd was once an abandoned and neglected pup.  He was rescued from his first owners together with 40 more pups that were also victims of abuse and neglect.  After his rescue, he was placed under the care of Oxford Animal Shelter and got adopted by the Tuckers.

According to Kelly Tucker, Zero was covered with ticks and fleas and he also has bad teeth because of the abuse that he suffered from the hands of his previous owners.

Finding his forever home was the best thing that happened to Zero.  Not only did he get the second chance in life that he needed and deserved, he was also able to have a new purpose in life.  Despite of his past, Zero became the best friend and perfect companion of the Tuckers ten-year-old son, Merrick, who has a cancer.  Merrick lost his left leg but he’s got a nice prosthetic leg that helps him get around.

Merrick and Zero instantly became good buddies.  Zero helps the 10-year-old whenever he is feeling down by cheering and motivating him.   The power of animal therapy sure helped Merrick get through days when he goes for treatment.

As you can see in the video below, Merrick and Zero play with each other while sitting on the sofa.  It is very clear that they have a very close bond.  The pup has been the boy’s favorite friend.

“I like to play with him,” Merrick said.

Merrick’s parents are very glad that their son has found a great friend and companion in Zero.  We are sure that Zero is glad as well to have the Tuckers as his forever family and got a happy ending to his story.

We love sharing amazing stories like this.  Hopefully, this story will encourage people to adopt senior and homeless animals because they also need loving a home.  Adopting a rescue dog is an awesome thing to do because you will get to have a new family member that will love you forever.

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