How Cane Rosso Restaurant Is Helping Rescue Dogs

Dog lovers love hearing stories about restaurants going to the dogs, especially Dogster Magazine, who reports on the restaurant group of choice, Cane Rosso. This particular restaurant is an Italian restaurant that specializes in, and is proud of their authentic wood-fired Neapolitan pizza. But their menu doesn’t stop there; they also serve up plenty of other traditional Italian dishes. The owner and creator of the restaurant and idea behind it, is Jay Jerrier. Jerrrier is the proud owner of seven dogs himself, but what makes what he does even more special, is the fact that the Cane Rosso Rescue was founded in 2014.

The restaurant group name, Cane Rosso, means, ‘red dog,’ in Italian. It was given the name, Zoli, which is not only the name of one of their dogs, but it also happens to be the name of one of the group’s newer restaurants. Jerrier explains the idea behind the restaurant and rescue, which is his drive to help abandoned, neglected, abused and unwanted dogs. He said that in knowing what all animals have to deal with and have no voice has always tugged on his heart. He recalls something that Lily Tomlin once said, “someone should do something about that.” Jerrier says that he realized that he was  that “someone”. He explained to Dogster Magazine how feels fortunate enough to be in a position to help animals, to be able to do something about it … so he is.

This is an all-volunteer-based 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization, and it focuses on foster care, vet care, and provides for transportation and other essential needs for the dogs who need to find their forever home. The organizations has its own network of dogs and foster homes it uses. The organization also supports other rescues in Texas by hosting different events, such as the Pups on the Patio Pizza event, as well as fundraisers and adoption events at the different Cane Russo restaurants. Patrons that support these events can give donations that are then matched by Cane Russo. These donations are subsequently given to one of the local rescues in the area.

Another way that you can support the rescue is with what is known as “rounding up for rescue.” This one is simple and it’s done just by paying your bill when you eat at the restaurant. According to Jerrier, due to the number of guests that often visit the ten different restaurants across the area means that there ends up being quite a bit of money that goes to the rescues to help these homeless dogs. He says it is his patronage that really help create a lot of donation funds because his frequent patrons’ are what really help to help the donations add up.

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