Dog Deemed “Unadoptable” Will Become Washington’s First Deaf K-9

There are a lot of rescue dogs that make it out of the shelters and wind up finding their forever home where they find loving and caring families. Then there are some rescue dogs who also make it out of the shelters and find a forever home, but they also find a greater purpose in life. One of these such dogs is Ghost. Ghost’s story didn’t’ start out very well for him, since at the tender age of three months, he was found as a homeless pup in Florida. He was also discovered to be deaf, which despite his beautiful white fur and sweet brown eyes, he was deemed unadoptable. The combination of traits that Ghost possessed are consider lethal for a rescue dog, especially because, adding to the fact that he could not hear, his high levels of energy and his displaying of an indifference to people, these qualities made him a very challenging case for adoption.

Ghost really didn’t stand a chance and he was schedule to be euthanized, however, the people at Swamp Haven rescue located in St. Augustine, FL felt like Ghost deserved a chance in life. They started reaching out to rescues all across the nation, and with their hard efforts, they finally found one that was willing to take Ghost. The rescue was in the Pacific Northwest, and is known as Washington’s Olympic Peninsula Humane Society in Port Angeles. This group of people knew one specific person who would be able to help Ghost, and so, Ghost’s journey began.

Barb Davenport is a savior for many dogs who are known to be troubled pets. She is an avid dog trainer, and started training dogs when she was just ten years old. As a young girl, she learned a lot about showing dogs, and when she later enlisted into the Army, she became focused on working with the K-9’s. Since that year, back in 1979, that is all Davenport has done, and today, she is one of the best with training challenging dogs.

Davenport has a passion, and her passion gives her total satisfaction in life. She loves taking dogs that cannot find forever homes and turning them into a value for the community. Since she started her work, she has successfully trained over 450 dogs and has turned them into working dogs, working narcotic K-9’s. As a matter-of-fact, all of the Washington State Department of Corrections K-9s were originally shelter dogs, and Davenport knew that Ghost had the same potential as the others she worked with.

Davenport told KIRO news, “He was very focused and determined to locate his ball when thrown or hidden.” She was just sure that Ghost could be a good K-9, and she was spot-on. Today, Ghost, who is now two-and-a-half years old, lives with his new handler whose name is Joe Henderson. He is currently training hard to work as a narcotics detection dog with the DOC. He now has his forever home and dad, Henderson, and this once unadoptable doge, Ghost, will not only earn his position as a narcotics dog, but he will be more than that, he will also become the first-ever deaf K-9 in Washington state history.

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