Dog Dumped on a Curb Will Never Forget Man Who Got Him a Real Home

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Most dog owners are kind, caring, and treat their dogs as part of the family. Anyone who agrees to welcome a dog into their family has a responsibility to ensure that the canine is happy and healthy. Unfortunately, many dogs do not receive the respect and love that they deserve. There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing a loving dog be abused, neglected, or otherwise mistreated. However, when these abused animals are saved and find a loving home, it can be truly inspirational.

One such dog is Boo, who captured a great deal of online attention when the story of his rescue first surfaced. Boo became famous as the dog dumped on a curb after he was left behind on a Detroit street when his family moved away, discarding him with old furniture and a dirty mattress. He was so loyal that he spent an entire month waiting on the street for his family to return. Luckily, he was rescued by Mike Diesel, who created the Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue, before too much harm had befallen him. It took a great deal of patience to build Boo’s trust. Armed with compassion, sympathy, and hamburgers, Diesel eventually was able to bring Boo to the shelter.

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Although the pair did not know it, they had just begun to form a deep and long lasting bond. Boo’s rescue was heartwarming, but people who followed his journey will be happy to know that it did not end at the shelter. Eventually, Boo was placed into a foster home. He is such a loving and affectionate dog, however, that his foster mother has chosen to adopt him.

His new life is filled with love, play, and delicious food. He is apparently enjoying a diet that includes filet mignon and rotisserie chicken, which is a definite upgrade. The health issues that he developed due to being abandoned are being resolved as well. Most importantly, he is now living in a home where his owner respects him as a family member instead of something that can be discarded like old furniture. It is important for a dog who was abandoned like Boo to feel confident that he will not be left alone again. For this reason, Diesel makes sure to stop by every once in a while and see him.

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This is perhaps the most heartwarming aspect of this story. Diesel is not only Boo’s rescuer; he is now a good friend. He promised the dog that he would make sure to find him a home where Boo would be happy and safe, and he has fulfilled this promise. Diesel stops by to make sure that his canine friend is doing well, and Boo is always excited to see him.

Boo’s story is therefore one in which compassion triumphed over neglect. This dog suffered because he was loyal to a family who simply did not give him the respect he deserved. It only makes it sweeter, then, that Boo now lives in a loving home and has regular visits from Diesel, his good friend. While Boo’s journey should be celebrated, it is important to keep in mind that there are many dogs who are not so lucky. Donating and volunteering at organizations like the Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue is the surest way to make sure that every dog ends up like Boo – happy and healthy.

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