Dog Escapes Owner in NYC and Survives Being Hit By A Truck


Sometimes life takes a very unexpected turn that becomes ugly. When a man by the name of Justin was walking his six-month-old puppy, Ronin, was able to get out of his leash and run off. It might not seem like it’s that big of a deal to many, but the pup, Ronin, was not on his quiet neighborhood road. He was walking the busy streets of New York City where traffic is abundant and unsafe for a dog not on a leash. Justin called his wife, Desiree, at work in a panic and the two were heartbroken that Ronin was gone and they were unable to find him. They posted all kinds of flyers and hoped that someone would find the dog and bring him home. Unfortunately, that is not what happened.

The phone rang. It was the Port Authority calling to tell the family that their dog made his way onto the George Washington Bridge, and he was hit by a truck. He was badly injured, and it wasn’t looking good for the dog. He was rushed into surgery and everyone began to hope and pray for his miraculous recovery. Thankfully, the dog was not as badly injured as it was previously thought, and his injuries ended up being nothing too serious. He is now healthy, happy and back home wearing a cast on one leg and not too worse for the wear. Thank goodness that a passerby noticed the flyers of the dog and recognized it so that the family would receive notification.

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