Dog Hops into Ambulance to Comfort Owner


Dogs are some of the most beloved of all pets, and for good reason. They have several endearing qualities that make them irreplaceable members of families, such as their kind hearts, courage, and playful nature. However, many dog owners will testify that a dog’s loyalty is a trait that stands above the rest. Thousands of families across the world have experienced first hand how powerful the bond between a person and a dog can be. These canine family members have an incredible capacity for staying loyal through good times and bad. While this trait can be heartwarming and amusing, it is most moving when it shines through in dark times.

Witnessing how the love of a dog can endure even the most difficult situations is very inspiring. There are many instances which one can point to as an example of such loyalty, from dogs defending their families from aggressive animals to being highly perceptive to emotional struggles. Sometimes, however, dogs show their loyalty simply by remaining by a family member’s side during a dire situation.

Nobody knows the effects of such support better than a man in Peru, who recently suffered a serious head injury after falling. The man, a resident of a Peruvian city called Chimbote, was lucky to have his two dogs with him when he suffered the injury. Unsurprisingly, as the man waited for emergency services to arrive, his dogs remained with him in a show of support. What is surprising, however, is how fiercely the dogs supported their owner.

When the paramedics arrived, they found the man and his dogs in the street. After tending to the man and bringing him into the ambulance, the dogs refused to leave his side. In all likelihood, the paramedics had never before seen a dog hop into an ambulance. Regardless, the canines insisted on staying with their owner. In addition to riding in the ambulance, they provided support at the hospital as well.

An intern at the hospital named Joha Morillas Zapata witnessed the dogs sitting at the feet of the man as he sat in a wheelchair. She was shocked to see that despite being in completely foreign surroundings, the dogs were focused only on making sure the man was not in trouble. Predictably, she was very moved by this display of loyalty. She posted pictures of the dogs and the man on Facebook, with a caption that praised their loyalty and support.

Sometimes, in situations that are challenging and dangerous, all that can be done is to show each other support. One of the most impressive qualities of dogs is that they seemingly come by this ability naturally. The man in Peru whose dogs stayed with him on the street, in the ambulance, and even in the hospital after he suffered a head injury can certainly vouch for such loyalty. Such an inspiring display of support is a great reminder that many lessons can be learned from dogs, not the least of which is how to support one another in difficult times. Hopefully, cases like this will help remind people how thankful we should be for the love that dogs extend to us.

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