Celebrating the Life of Loca the Pug

Loca the Pug first became a viral internet sensation when her family made a video in 2012 showing the lovable pug having trouble running due to a mild brain disorder. The Irish pup was adored by millions thanks to the viral YouTube video showing the pug tumbling all over the place to a ditty sung from the pug’s perspective. Because of the pug’s disorder, she couldn’t run, but instead what she could do was harmlessly weave, roll, stumble, and fall over right into the hearts of millions. What Loca lacked in walking ability she more than made up in charisma and charm.

How It All Began

The unusual but lovable Belfast pug gained the love of millions who watched her struggling to run with the other family dogs. When Loca’s video first became viral, she was about four years old. She’d been born in the Republic of Ireland in Monaghan. Malcolm and Alena Orr, from Belfast, decided to adopt the pug. They say it was really just a normal story of a couple finding a dog. They fell in love with Loca, brought her home, and it was happily-ever-after.

However, the happily part didn’t quite go as planned. Loca had cerebellar ataxia, a condition where the nerve cells controlling muscle coordination were damaged resulting in loss of coordination. Nonetheless, Loca didn’t want to be left out when it came to play time with the family’s other three dogs. So, Malcolm wrote a little ditty from Luca’s perspective and put it to the “Delany’s Donkey” tune, which is an old Irish song. The video was really only intended for family and friends, but before he knew it, the video had gone viral. It now has close to eighteen million views.

Gone Viral

The Belfast pooch became known as the “pug that couldn’t run”. Loca’s video actually went viral more than once. Two years after its initial success, its popularity took off again after someone started it circulating on the Reddit circle. Loca got a Facebook page and Twitter account. Loca even had her own calendar at the height of her popularity. She even had a book on Amazon – “Unbefeckinglievable” – if you can believe that! The book, told from the pug’s perspective, is a humorous family saga about an average family with an average life that proves there’s always a funny side to every life situation. A lot of people identified with their normal, every day problems, the normal trials and tribulations of life, and recognized themselves in the characters. However, Loca was the hero of the story, the enduring role model.

Loca’s owners frequently updated her Facebook page using the pug’s voice with fabulous posts and the pug’s YouTube page became quite popular, with video’s such as “Loca goes to the vet” and “Loca the pug is dead (I’m what?)” with everyone’s favorite being “I can’t feckin run” with it’s charming verses about the pug’s problem, her dog brother and sisters, and the rest of her loving family. Other videos including “Can we have a rabbit?” and “Babysitting ain’t easy” and Loca rolled and pitched herself right into the hearts of millions of viewers all over the world.

Sad but True

Malcolm, Loca’s owner, said he was watching her one day and thought she’d be funny to film. He said he never imagined so many people would end up watching – and loving – Loca. The family said they received really positive comments from viewers. As people from all over were claiming Loca always made them smile, it only made sense to continuing making the films. Malcolm wrote and performed all the songs himself.

Unfortunately, last October 20 when news of Loca’s death began to spread, this time it was true. Taking to Facebook, Loca’s family let everyone know the sad news. The family said that during the night Loca had suffered one her “appalling” epileptic fits, causing more brain damage. The vets, having done everything they could, sadly let the family know there was nothing more they could do. With her family by her side, Loca went peacefully in her sleep.

The post went on to say that Malcolm and family would miss her more than words could say, but that they were thankful for the short time they had with her. They went on to explain how devastated they all were, but how overwhelmed they were by all the support and sympathy they had received on Loca’s account. They thanked everyone for their support over the years while their “wee lady” was rambling on in her exaggerated way and that they appreciated everyone joining them in loving this special, wonderful Irish pug. The family said they liked to think she was finally able to run.

Many followers and supporters of Loca posted condolences from around the world, stating how she had always made them smile or gave the inspiration. One said she hoped Loca had gotten her set of wings while another tried her hand at a Loca-view ditty about being about to leap and run in fields of gold. Others, after saying how sorry they were for the family’s lost, stated how much they had enjoyed not just watching her videos, but reading about her life as well and how they would truly miss her. One pointed out that she was inspiring because she went beyond her challenges to become a “fecking” star and thanked the family for sharing her with the world.

Last Word

It’s so sad that such a special, lovable pooch has gone on and it will be a long time before people forget the first time they heard/saw “Hello my name is Loca”. This special pug, who loved hugs, roast chicken, and, most of all, his family, will live on in the hearts of not just her family, but in the hearts of millions of fans all over the world who loved her just the way she was, the pug who couldn’t “feckin” run!

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