Man Builds A Beautiful Kayak For Himself And His Golden Retrievers

dog in his new kayak

There is a saying that retirement is the best time of your life, and most people do not get to enjoy it. Many certainly do not get to enjoy it the way that they should, which is doing what they want to do and living their lives in a way that is interesting and fun. However, some people find that their retirement is better spent doing the things that matter most to them with the people and animals that matter most to them. This man, for example, is doing retirement the right way in his own life.

David Bahnson is a retired orthopedic surgeon with a great love of the outdoors. Upon his retirement, he and his wife made it a point to spend as much time in the great outdoors as possible, especially in their kayaks where they can enjoy time on the water with their two dogs, both Golden Retrievers. However, there was no place for these water-loving dogs to sit when they were on the kayak with their owner, so being someone who likes to work with wood and with his hands, he built them each their own little seat in his kayak so that he could enjoy time on the water with both dogs.

doggie kayak

kayak for dogs

It’s been a while since Bahnson did this, and now his dogs have both passed on, and he has a new puppy in his life. He and his wife are working to teach their new puppy the art of swimming and kayak safety so that they can enjoy time on the water with her, too. The moral of this story is that you can build whatever you want and make it work for your own lifestyle, and true dog lovers will always find a way to include their doggie pals in anything that they do.

Photos by Huffington Post 

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