Man Creates Wheelchair for Girlfriend’s Dog for Only $40

Benny the Dog

There’s not much any of us can do with a mere $40. It’s not enough to fill up the gas tank of my SUV. It’s not enough to purchase a new tube of my favorite face primer or even my favorite lipstick. We can’t go out to dinner on only $40. I cannot think of much of anything that we can do with this small amount of money. However, one man did something rather extraordinary. He actually did the most amazing thing you might be able to imagine. When James’ girlfriend’s dog suddenly became paralyzed, he did something wonderful for the dog. Briana was horrified that her dog was suddenly paralyzed; she was heartbroken. She was even more upset when she realized that to get him a wheelchair to help him get around could cost as much as $10,000.

That’s when her boyfriend, who wasn’t even that close to the dog, decided to do something about it. He got online and he looked up doggie wheelchairs. Deciding that they did not look all that complicated, he created one of his own. He went to the local store, purchased a few supplies including PVC pipe, and he came home and made his own dog wheelchair for his girlfriend. That’s a moment that is completely lovely and darling; he did something for a dog that didn’t even like him all that much – all for the woman he loves. If that is not true love right there, nothing is. We are so excited about this simple story; it’s just darling.

Photo by James Paniagua

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