Man in Coma Comes to Life When Dog Visits

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The love between dogs and their owners is usually powerful, unbreakable, and inspiring. This bond goes far beyond loyalty, as dogs and humans can form an inseparable connection based on being an irreplaceable part of each other’s lives. The Internet is littered with heartwarming stories of people saving dogs, dogs saving people, and a multitude of stories featuring a stroke of luck that brings animals and people together. However, there are many cases which highlight the bond between a dog and a person that are not so happy.

Some stories can be both heartwarming and heartbreaking. Such is the case of an Italian man named Giovanni and his beloved dog, Nancy. The elderly man and his dog were far more than pet and owner; they were family. As such, when Giovanni was struck with a heart attack while walking Nancy, it was traumatic for both parties.

The 73 year-old was resuscitated by the paramedics who arrived on the scene, but unfortunately lapsed into a coma shortly after being brought to the hospital. While it was Giovanni who suffered the physical hardship, it was Nancy who was forced to watch her best friend drive away in an ambulance, unsure of where he was going and why. Luckily, Giovanni had a sister, Deborah, who was willing to care for the dog while he was in the hospital.

Even though Nancy was therefore receiving the care and attention she required, she was clearly missing her companion. She spent every day waiting at the front door for Giovanni to come home again. This was a painful and heartbreaking time, as Deborah knew that Giovanni’s health was very poor. He remained in a vegetative state in the hospital while Nancy was left wondering if she would ever see him again.

Luckily, fate intervened and allowed the dog to see her owner once more. Deborah became aware of a new hospital program which allowed pets to visit their owners, and decided to bring Nancy to see Giovanni. While she expected this to simply be a way for Nancy to see her friend one last time, it turned out to be far more special.

After many days of lying unresponsive in the hospital, Giovanni seemed to miraculously sense Nancy’s presence. When the dog was brought in, he began to move and appeared excited by his friend’s visit. Nancy, too, became excited. She wagged her tail and gave Giovanni kisses. Although still unconscious, the man’s expression reportedly changed to one of happiness.

This visit was not only remarkable for its impact on Giovanni; it has had a long-lasting impact on everyone involved. Giovanni has since been far more peaceful and relaxed in what are expected to be his final days. Nancy, too, seems to be happy knowing that she was able to say goodbye to her friend.

Cases such as these, although quite sad, are important to hear because they reveal how deep and powerful the love between a person and dog can be. The love of one’s dog can reach a person even when close to passing away, which is testament to how important animals are to those that love them. These are the stories that teach us how we ought to respect animals and cherish the precious little time that we have to spend with them.

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