NYC Pet Sitters are Currently Facing Potential Legal Issues

People have been helping taking care of other people’s pets forever. When a family goes out of town but does not want to board their dog in a kennel, instead of boarding their pet, one of the newest ways of pet care is to hire someone that will take their pet into their personal home to take care of, or they hire someone to come into the owner’s home and sit for their pets. To help match pet owners with pet sitters, a new App, called Rover, is designed to do just that. It helps connect pet owners with pet-sitters and dog-walkers that come with background checks and references, however, this App has created a lot of buzz and legal problems in New York City these days due to what the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene regulation, which claims that this is not a healthy practice and the pet-sitter must have a license in order to care for other people’s pets in their own personal home.

For those who go to the pet owner’s home and take care of the pet there, this is not an issue. In these circumstances, a license is not required, because the pets are already in their own home. People who have their own pet-sitting business and who are already taking other people’s pets as part of their job or pet-sitting business and caring for them in their home, are already seeing violations for not having this particular license and they are not happy about it at all. They are being fined, and many are beginning to fight this regulation.

If you are planning to start your own pet-sitting business and you want to care for your client’s pet(s) in your own home, you should always investigate what is needed and required in order to operate this type of business so that you don’t get caught with unwanted fines and other bad marks against your business, or worse, legal issues that can follow your business name, or cause you to have to close the doors on your business.

The regulation affects all dog sitters, no matter if you are associated with the new Rover App, or not. But many sitters found on the Rover App have already been dealing with the legal battles of this regulation. The more you know before starting your pet-sitting business, the better informed and prepared you will be to get the right licensure for your business so that your business isn’t found to be non-compliant and facing legal matters that could close your business’ doors.

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