Organization Is Turning “Throw Away Dogs” Into K-9 Heroes

One thing that most anyone who has ever been in a dog shelter can tell you, is that there is a large number of Pit Bulls. This is one of the most common breeds to find in any shelter across the country. Due to the large number of this breed being found in kill shelters, Carol Skaziak of The Throw Away Dogs Project, became dedicated to saving as many of them as possible, including Wildflower, who was rescued by Skaziak, and trained by her, to not only be able to get back into society, but to have a greater purpose in life. Here is an organization that is turning “Throw Away Dogs” into K-9 heroes.

Carol Skaziak’s idea was to not only prove that these dogs have amazing personalities, but many of them would make amazing police dogs, which is why she began training them just for that purpose. After each dog’s training period is done, she donates them to the police departments, where they most often work as narcotics detection K-9s. It was discovered that this breed has all the tendencies to succeed in this area, so Skaziak decided, “why not?” To her, it was a no brainer.

Skaziak interviewed with FOX 29, and explained, “If I have a variety, an unlimited choice of Pit Bulls that I can train this is a win-win. Not only for the dog, but also for the department and also for the community.”

Carol knows that society in general, all have a one-tract mind when it comes to Pit Bulls. They have earned a bad rap in the past many years, and she wanted to show society that these dogs have skills that are worthy of being worked with, trained and then put to use in much needed and important jobs. Carol showed FOX 29’s Bill Anderson what Wildflower’s skills were after just 12 months of training. She showed Anderson how even while aggressively searching for drugs, Wildflower never showed any aggression to strangers or her trainer. She was focused on her job, but never lost her focus to lash out at a stranger or Carol.

The interview and training session that involved Anderson of FOX 29, was to show to the world that these dogs don’t deserve to be thrown away. They can be worked with, rehabilitated and given a purpose in life and to serve the public rather than euthanized. This is something that Wildflower’s trainer, Carol Skaziak really want to get across and reinforced profoundly.

Carol also feels that once everyone begins to see the good in these dogs, and the good that they can do, more people and more shelters will be lining up to donate this breed of dog to this cause.

Throw Away Dogs trains all the dogs they get before donating them to police departments, which also saves them thousands of dollars. And it is also a chance for these dogs to show the world what they are and can do – prove their value in this life. Although it is sad that an animal would have to prove its value, this breed is one that unfortunately needs just that, but Carol is working hard to do that, and so far, Police Departments are thankful for her dedication and hard work, because Pit Bulls are helping to save lives and make the work of the narcotics’ departments a lot more efficient these days.

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