Pit-Bull Rescue Story: “Precious” in the City!

Blue Nosed Pit BullWhen you hear a lovely story of a dog’s life being saved through adoption, it is a breath of fresh air. All to often we hear horror stories of what is going on at “high kill shelters” in the United States. Though many of these shelters may deny these activities, the sad reality is the shelters cannot house all of the dogs. If we, as dog lovers, had boat loads of money with a big farm, most of us would rescue all of the dogs. Here is a “precious” story of a dog who wasn’t rescued from a shelter; He was rescued from the streets of Los Angeles!

Berni from California probably never thought she would ever see what was nearly on the front of her lawn. She [Berni] was going about her normal day tending to her work,errands, and daily exercise. Berni glanced across the street and there sat a small (very small) English Staffordshire puppy. The pup was just sitting on a corner, minding his own business, and looked very sad. (Don’t worry, the story gets better!) The “blue-nosed pit” puppy appeared to be just a few weeks old. Berni, with her knowledge on animals, knew the puppy’s life could be in trouble if he was homeless. This is Los Angeles, California. A big city with many stray animals, coyotes, crazy people….the list goes on! Berni ran to the pup’s aid and he seemed very calm, yet timid when she approached him. Berni walked around the neighborhood to see if the pup had an owner that was looking for this darling blue-nosed pit bull. After asking neighbors and posting notices that a puppy was “lost”, nobody claimed him. Berni housed the puppy in the hopes that a desperate and loving owner would notice the “found” signs around the neighborhood.


How can someone just drop a puppy off on a corner. (Pardon me for being blunt, but that is spineless!) Berni has a love for animals and refused to take this little boy to a shelter. After caring for just hours, a bond was created. Coming up with a name for the puppy was easy, all Berni had to do was recognize his personality and look at his face. “Precious”, the blue-nosed pit bull. (I told you the story gets better!)

pit bull with owner

Berni and Precious never parted ways since they met each other on the side of a very street road in Los Angeles. With the traffic and atmosphere in L.A., this could have been a bad ending for “Precious”.

God certainly places angels in our lives, just spell dog backwards! There are people like Berni who love and care for animals like they are family. Everyone should have a kind heart like Berni. Dogs are helpless, beautiful creatures that only need this kind of love.

Because Berni rescued “Precious” from the side of a road, she is unsure of Precious’ age. Berni has since written about Precious. They are happily bonded and living happy ever after. Call it fate or destiny, there was a reason that baby pit was there. He was waiting for a good owner, and God gave him one. God gave them each other

pit bull and woman

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