Puppy Miraculously Survives 13-Years Longer than Diagnosis

puppy with cancer

It’s been more than thirteen years since Jack and his family decided to get a puppy that was only 7-weeks-old at the time. They named this puppy D’for at the time, and they loved him so much. It wasn’t six months before they found a horrible lump in the puppy’s skin and decided that it was time to have that lump checked out by their vet. The vet gave them the worst possible news; the dog has cancer and likely will not make it to his first birthday. The family did everything that they could for this dog. Their son Jack was only five at the time, and they knew that he loved this dog more than anything. They had to do whatever was necessary for this dog to live. They took him to the local vet college and they had treatment done.

It worked. This dog that the vet said would not live to be a year old is now 13. He’s been able to grow up with his little boy and watch him attend school, turn into an adult and be there for him when his life was the most awful and the most amazing. They’ve been best friends their entire life, and nothing can change that. We love this story because it is the ultimate happy ending and the ultimate sweet story of love, persistence and a will and desire to live on behalf of this pup. He wanted to be here, and he’s here with his family.

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