Rescue Dog is Happy to Be Recovering

dog with amazing smile

We say time and time again that there are so many horrible and thoughtless people in the world. They are the kind of people that make you think that there is no hope for humanity. Just take a look at this gorgeous dog. He is the kind of dog that has a heart so big the world doesn’t even know what to do with it. Unfortunately, he is also the kind of dog that has lived a life that was once filled with tragedy thanks to awful, horrible people who do not deserve any type of goodness in the world. This is Herbert, and he is recovering nicely after he was struck with a horrible case of the dog flu.

It happens, but it’s been noted that Herbert  was not cared for by the people who once owned him. Now in the care of a loving foster family, this dog is being given a second chance at life that might as well make him feel as if he is the king of the world. Clearly, that is precisely how he feels if his big, beautiful smile is any indication. This Chicago dog was neglected and abused in his former home, rescued, and then he got sick. Now he is doing much better, and it shows all over his body and his overall health.

Herbert spent his entire life in a cage, and he was not cared for when he came down with the flu. Dogs with this illness can easily spread it to other dogs and must be isolated. Right now he’s in recovery, spending ample time with his foster mother, and he really does love her. Now all Herbert needs is to get to the 100% mark so he’s ready to find a forever family of his own who will let him outside to play, take him on walks and really bring out that big, beautiful smile of his. Thank goodness for foster homes.

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