Stray Dog With Broken Leg Leads Rescuers to Amazing Discovery


Throughout life, we’ve all undoubtedly seen or heard about loving mothers who would crawl over broken glass (figuratively of course) to save their children. Parents have been known to have the sudden strength to lift a full-size car to save their child. And, animals are no different in their dedication to their offspring. They’ll also go to great lengths for their babies.

This is one of those stories and it revolves around a beautiful starving greyhound with a gentle nature and a secret that she was carrying around with her. She was a stray dog, which will probably always remain a mystery to those who found her. She was totally emaciated along with being severely malnourished when a good samaritan found her that day in Vera, Spain. She was digging through the garbage looking for food in spite of the fact that she had a fractured leg. She was barely clinging to life but was still truly driven to stay alive. Her rescuer wondered why but soon found out the very good reason.

She was rescued by a nice lady named Lianne, who fortunately had a good friend named Ellen Sobry, who is a veterinarian. Lianne took the ailing greyhound to Ellen and they named her Vera after the city where she was found. Ellen tended to Vera’s broken leg and stabilized it. She also noticed something else about poor Vera. She was lactating, which meant that she had recently given birth to puppies. But, where were they?

Surprise 2

They wondered how they could possibly find Vera’s puppies and decided to take the stray dog back to where Lianne found her and search together for them. So, they all went back to the site where the poor hungry mother dog had been digging through trash just to find some food to sustain herself so she could feed her babies. That’s where the search started and it went on for a couple of miles lead by Vera, who stoically just kept on walking on her injured leg until they reached an abandoned house out in the country. Outside of the house was an old broken-down car. And, inside that old car were Vera’s little babies all alone and starving, patiently waiting for their Mom to come back to them; the Mom who had saved their lives in spite of her pain.

So, Lianne and Ellen took a very grateful Vera and her ten little babies back to Ellen’s clinic to get warm and fed and healthy together as a happy little family. And, there they’ll stay safe and sound until they find their forever home. Thanks to Mom’s tenacity and fierce motherly love, as well as the immense kindness of Lianne and Ellen, ten little lives have been saved. Now, Vera and her pups can have a long, healthy, and happy life. Needless to say, if Lianne hadn’t found Vera that fateful day and taken her to Ellen for treatment, it could’ve ended much differently. And, the same goes for Vera and her strength and love for her babies that helped her to survive the difficult life of a stray dog and lead the two caring women to her tiny puppies so that they could save them, too.

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