Today Is National Puppy Day!

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Today is National Puppy Day! In honor of today’s special day be sure to give your puppy a super dose of love! Though today is not an official holiday it certainly has significant reasons for being a special day. When was National Up the Day started? What does this special paw-liday all about?

In 2006, animal behaviorist and author Colleen Paige started National Puppy Day as a part of her “Animal Miracle Foundation & Network”.  National Puppy Day is celebrated each year on March 23 to boost public awareness of animal cruelty. On the official website for National Puppy Day, it is a day to honor “the magic and unconditional love that puppies bring to our lives.”

Isn’t that the truth?

rescue puppy

My Puppy Story

I remember when I went to visit my Basset Hound, “Vegas” for the first time. She was the smallest puppy out of all of her brothers and sisters. While the other puppies seemed tough and confident, “Vegas” was shy and a bit slower in her walk. My baby was the “runt” of her bunch and I suppose that is what made me fall in love with her. When she came home she was just over 3 pounds. “Vegas” had to be treated with extra TLC because of her small size, but her ears were no smaller than any of her brothers and sisters. “Vegas” had very interesting markings; a perfectly shaped heart, a diamond, and on her bootie it appeared as though there was a patch resembling clubs from a playing card. This is how I came up with the name “Vegas”. Today, “Vegas” is 2 1/2 years old and is truly the sweetest dog in the neighborhood. Of course I would say that no matter what, but any neighbor that knows my hound dog would tell you the same thing. Since the day I brought my puppy home she has brought so much happiness and peace into my life. My pup always knows when I am unhappy and she turns me right around. I LOVE MY PUPPY!

This is what “Vegas” looked like when she was about nine weeks!

basset hound puppy

Click HERE to see how “Vegas” is doing these days!

Please feel free to share your story about the day you brought your dog home!

Remember, National Puppy Day is not only about puppies, it’s about all beloved canines. National Puppy Day was established to help educate people about the horrific puppy mills that still exist so that someday a goal can be reached where we live in a nation of puppy-free pet stores. There are so many puppies and dogs that need loving homes but are spending their days and nights in shelters. Too many of our beautiful canines are being euthanized due to overcrowding at shelters. Puppy mills continue to breed for profit! The saddest part is, not only do puppies need to be saved at shelters but the manner in which dogs are treated in many puppy mills would make your skin crawl.

Black and white photo of a pitbull

National Puppy Day is also a day that encourages people to adopt dogs for companionship. Many people believe that “dogs are too much work.” The only thing that a dog needs is love, a bowl of fresh water, healthy dog food, a few walks, and upkeep of their health and fur. I wish more people would realize what a fantastic animals dogs are. I agree with a quote I once read, “A dog is the only being that loves you more than they love themselves.”



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