Woman Drops Everything in Her Life to Save Senior Dog

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We all like to think that we care about animal welfare, but would any one of us simply drop everything and run to the rescue of one in need? Well, one woman did just that when she heard about a senior dog who was allegedly terminally ill and staring death in the face. His name is Jaripo and he’s 18-years-young. His plight was absolutely heartbreaking until one California woman showed him the mercy he needed and literally saved his life.

You see, Jaripo ended up in the Lancaster County Animal Shelter when his owner dropped him off there, telling the shelter’s staff that the poor little senior dog had a terminal illness that required putting him down. The caring staff members decided thankfully to wait on that and he got a reprieve while they turned to social media to bring an answer to their prayers.

The story of poor little Jaripo exploded on Facebook with 1,662 shares and fortunately one special woman saw it. Her name is Christina Morgan and she is Ventura County’s Paw Works’ founder. Knowing that poor little Jaripo was in a high-kill shelter, she jumped into action. She wasn’t letting this little senior dog die, not on her watch. She drove two hours in the pouring rain to save him. On her way, she called the shelter to let them know she was coming for him, but they told her that there was no guarantee that he’d still be alive when she arrived! So, she just drove faster to try and get there to save him after they bluntly told her that they would put him to sleep if they had to.

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But, thank God they didn’t and Christina got there in time to save him and take him home with her. And, he wasn’t the only one either. Christina came prepared and, knowing that she might decide to save several animals, she loaded extra crates into her car just in case. And, that was a good idea since she also rescued a cat that was a gunshot victim plus four other dogs in addition to Jaripo. She’s so generous and caring that she saved not one, but six lives that day!

Christina took Jaripo to the veterinarian when she got him home where he had a check-up and bloodwork done. He confirmed that the senior dog was suffering from a need for some good dental work and had some hip and spinal pain. He also informed Christina that Jaripo was not suffering from any terminal illness at all. The only thing terminal in his life was being abandoned in a busy high-kill shelter. But, thanks to a woman who cared enough to drop everything and run to his aid, he can live out the rest of his life in love and comfort with his new foster family. And, his before and after pictures are truly amazing! All he really needed was a guardian angel to save him from the grim reaper. Perhaps more of us should be willing to go that extra mile to save an animal in need.

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Photos via Paw Works

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