Dog Notices Something Wrong With Baby: Watch What He Does When He Jumps On The Bed

dog saves baby

A new mother and father were sleeping one night when the family dog came into their bedroom.  The dog named Duke jumped on the bed and started shaking all over.  The pup’s action woke the couple up and they immediately knew something was wrong.  They rushed into their newborn’s room to check on the child, but something was not right.  After checking the 9-week-old baby girl they noticed that she wasn’t breathing.  They quickly called 911 and an ambulance came and took the child to the hospital.  The couple was very upset and extremely worried about their child.

As you will see in the video the child is now ok.  The baby girl is now doing well thanks to the heroic family dog name Duke.  It’s not clear why the child stopped breathing but thankfully she is now ok.  Duke has been given lots of love for his actions and surely some yummy treats too.  If it had not been for this quick thinking canine something terrible would have probably happened.  Somehow the dog knew something was wrong with the child but we don’t know how for sure.  Maybe the pooch could see the baby not moving in the crib or maybe this animal has some sort of sixth sense.  No matter how this dog was able to tell that the baby was not breathing it is very lucky that he did.

Duke was a rescue dog that the family had adopted 6 years before the baby was born.  He has always been a well-mannered pooch and the couple knew something was not right when the dog woke them up.  The mother of the baby is quoted as saying this about the dog “He is insanely obedient, so this was extremely bizarre.”  Surely Duke was watching over the child and realized that something was seriously wrong.  Duke really loves his new baby sister and he will do anything to protect her.  He stays by her crib at night and keeps a close eye on her.  To learn more about this amazing story, please check out the video located below this article.

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