Why I Am A Dog Person


There are two kinds of people on this Earth. There are dog people, and there are cat people. As long as you are an animal lover, I adore you. But, truth be told and quite obviously, I am a dog person. The thing is, I love being a dog person. I love who I am. I just truly believe a life without dogs is an empty life. They bring so much love and happiness to the table, and once you have experienced that love, it is hard (impossible, pretty much) to imagine a life without it. Here are just a few of the reasons I am a dog person.

So sometimes you have awful days at work. You work long hours, and know you are not exactly getting rich doing it. Maybe on the way home, the car got a flat or you got a phone call that you may need to work a double tomorrow. You feel down, sad, like all pointless. Then, you open the door of your house or apartment, and what comes to meet you, happy as all get out that they get to see you again?

Your dog.

They rush to the door, tail wagging, and they show as much affection as they can. No matter HOW BAD your day was, that would make even the most broken of us smile. They are not doing that because they have to. They are not doing that because they know you had a bad day. They are doing that because they love you unconditionally, and seeing you brings them joy. That, my friends, can turn any bad day around.

Next up, what about how well they know us? How they CAN tell when we are sick and sad, and how they want to give us extra love and attention when we are like that?
Add to that the fact that you also have an adventure buddy when you have a dog, and I think it is pretty clear to see why I am a dog person.

Because life would have so much less joy and love n it were it not for dogs.

Take to the comments and let us know why YOU are a dog person.

(Photo by Paula Bronstein /Getty Images)

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