This Dog is Pretty Guilty of Doing Something Wrong

guilty dog

My husband and I have this agreement where we will not spend any significant amount of money on anything without first speaking to one another. Generally, anything over $1,000 is a joint decision as it usually means it’s something that we both enjoy – vacation, new furniture, a new piece of equipment such as a golf cart or a new car. We don’t buy things that affect the entire family unless we both agree on it. However, sometimes I’ll go shopping and spend more than that on a few items in various places and it just adds up. When my husband starts asking me what I bought, I look for a way out of the room so that we can just gloss over that stuff so I don’t have to see that raised eyebrow, kind of eye roll thing he does when he thinks I’m a little nuts.

This dog is the same way. We’re not calling him a bad dog by any means. We are just saying that there might be a situation that is making him a bit uncomfortable. Perhaps he has decided that he needs a few moments of time alone without the overwhelming number of questions he’s being asked by his human. Obviously, he knows what he did was wrong and the questioning is getting to him, so he looks for a way out. Fortunately for him, he thinks he’s able to slowly back out of the room without his person realizing what he’s doing. All in all, it’s funny stuff. Check it out.  

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