Dog Rescued From Flooded River in Peru

dog rescued in peru

The people in Lima, Peru are having a rough week. Strong storms and rain have caused one of the major rivers in the city to flood, which has caused an emergency all around the city. Homes are being destroyed, families are missing, people are losing their lives and there are so many things that have to be done to protect residents that the police are overworked and very worried. Then comes this small dog, caught in the raging flood waters and stranded on what appears to be a small piece of land in the middle of the flood waters with no help in sight. The dog was stuck for a very long time, scared and afraid that he would lose his life in the raging flood waters when residents decided they would help out.

A police officer tried to fight the flood waters to get to the dog, but was sucked under the water and unable to get to the dog thanks to the heavy currents. That’s when a local resident had the idea to use a tire to get to the dog and help get him back to safety. The rescue was all caught on tape. You can see that the flood waters are strong and the current is even stronger, and this rescue is one of the most daring and dangerous we’ve ever seen. Thankfully, we can say that the dog is safe and well, and that all went well in this rescue. Take a look at the video footage to see for yourself.

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