Dog Rescued From River Reunites With Owners


A purebred male dachshund named Buddy was found treading water and rescued from the St. Johns River in Florida this past Saturday. After his rescue, Buddy was turned over to animal services, which found the lost dog’s owner. A couple that was boating on the river first caught sight of the dog’s nose peeking from the water and scooped him up near marker 28, which is next to nearby Blackwater Inn Restaurant. The dog was then picked up by Officer Gwen Carbino, who took him back to the Lake County animal shelter.

“This little guy is in great shape and I am sure there is a frantic owner out there somewhere in North Lake County or Volusia County who must be looking for him,” Brian Sheahan, director of Lake County’s Community Safety & Compliance Department, had said of Buddy.

According to officials, the owners spotted Buddy’s photo on TV and social media before they were able to pick him up. His family says that Buddy has been boating with them for years and usually sleeps in the deck below, but after 20 minutes of going missing, they realized that the canine had gone overboard. 

The family has declined to speak with the media for now, but one thing’s for sure: Buddy is now back with his family on land – just where he belongs!

Image via WFTV


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