Dog Saves Owner from Deadly Snake Bite

snake bite

You know when you are just hanging out in your own back yard and you’re just enjoying some beautiful weather, a little time on your phone and what appears to be quiet since you have a few children’s play items in the yard? It’s probably nap time and you just want to escape the realities of being a parent who has to play the same game of Go Fish for the nine hundredth time that day, and there is nothing wrong with that. Until, of course, a snake comes at you and decides it wants to make you a piece of its own lunch that day. This is an amazing video for so many reasons. For one, this dog is a hero that just saved his owners life when an Eastern Brown Snake – the deadliest snake in Australia – made its way onto this man’s porch and almost bit him.

The man is sitting down reading his phone and enjoying the quiet when his dog begins to lose his mind. The man doesn’t seem to notice at first, but when the dog comes at him like there is something wrong, he realizes that this deadly snake is only inches from his foot and could strike at any moment. He then jumps up and grabs his dog, which is not done chasing this snake out of this man’s yard, and together they decide that now might be a good time to get out of there. This dog just saved his owner’s life, and he has got to be thankful.

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