Dog Shaming Is Not Funny and Here’s Why

Dog Shaming

I know some people find it funny. I know that the internet has taken to the trend of dog shaming, and it has really taken off as a result. Here’s the thing, though. Dog shaming isn’t right.   Having someone or something you love displaying a sign that they unwillingly put on themselves that says something negative about them is just abusive. Put it his way, would you be comfortable if someone did that to you? Well, that same can be said for an animal.

Now keep in mind, I was going to say that “you wouldn’t do that to your kids, would you?” But the sad reality is there are tons of kid shaming pics all over the web, too.  How is this okay? Just in case I have gotten ahead of myself and someone doesn’t know, dog shaming is when someone puts a sign around a dog’s neck, saying something negative they did (they are written in first person and say things like “I like to eat out of the trash” and stuff like that). But the kicker is, the dogs always look sad and guilty in these pics. Do you know why? Because they are are aware on some level that they are being mocked or shamed.

So really, if you have friends you know who do that on social media, let them know it is classless and cruel. Dogs are our best friends and make our lives better, so to shame or embarrass them, even if we think they don’t know it is happening, is mean and unnecessary. Spread the word. Dog shaming is wrong.

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