Dog Showers Baby With Toys Until She Stops Crying


Dogs can be very emotional creatures – just look at their eyes! We all know that dogs are sweet, kind, and loving beings, so it’s only natural that they are also remorseful when they know they’ve done something wrong. After all, when you scold your dog for being bad or for doing something they clearly aren’t supposed to, they usually get really quiet and back away. It’s like they know they’ve done wrong and are even punishing themselves for you! Some breeds are more remorseful than others of course, but you can see it in their eyes that they really are sorry; some dogs will even go up to you and lick you as a peace offering – at least, that’s what my pug does! In a video that has gone viral, a dog showers baby with toys after the canine makes her cry by taking her toy away. What happens next is one for the books!

In the video below, Charlie the dog takes his (human) baby sister Laura’s toy away, causing her to cry. Possibly feeling guilty, the pup figures out a way to get his sis to dry her tears away: by bringing her all the toys he could find until she stops crying. The brilliant dog is onto something and searches high and low throughout his home for as many toys as possible. He even finds the Holy Grail: a box stored under the crib that holds – you guessed it – all of the toys! Charlie brings the toys to her one by one, and eventually she is surrounded by toys galore in her baby chair. What a good big brother!

Photo Source: YouTube

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