Dog Somehow Miraculoulsy Survives Arkansas Tornado

You know we love survival stories, especially when they go against all odds. Dog lovers know better than anyone that dogs have a fighting spirit and loving loyalty like very few creatures on this Earth, and stories like this prove just how strong dogs really are. To survive a tornado is something very few humans can say they’ve experienced, but there is one dog named Oreo who did just that. Miracles abound, people.

The story of Oreo is a harrowing one. During the storm in Arkansas on May 27th, their dog was lost in the ensuing chaos. The Lentz family escaped their home in time, but Oreo got lost in the storm. You can only imagine that the heavy hearts they must have had the next day when they went back to survey the damage. The house was gone, and the dog was nowhere to be seen. But then, according to reports, a little paw emerged from the debris. It was Oreo, he survived the tornado and was reunited with his family among all the wreckage. I say it a lot, but that has to be one of the most amazing feelings in the world. Thinking you just lost a best friend and member of your family, only to see that you didn’t. It must feel like a second chance at life, not only for Oreo, but for the whole family.

It also shows you even the relentless power of nature cannot stop a dog’s love.

(Photo by Robert Laberge/Getty Images).

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