Dog Spends Days Howling in Parking Lot after Being Abandoned

dog that howled

Meet Crooner, the dog named after her beautiful songs in a parking lot that lasted for several days in Tennessee. Her howling was not actually beautiful, but it was sad. This darling dog was abandoned in a parking lot by her hateful and awful owners. Her name was Samantha, but her owner decided that she’d forgo her dog’s name when she dropped the dog off in a parking lot and drove away, leaving her there to care for herself in the middle of nowhere. It was a hateful thing to do when it’s so easy to take a dog to the shelter and leave it there when you are no longer able to care for it. It happens; you lose a job and can no longer afford to care for your dog, you become ill, something occurs in life to make it impossible for you to keep your animal; it’s unfortunate, but it happens.

Sadly, Crooner’s mother just left her there alone, sad, and afraid and the dog just howled for days. Fortunately, Kimberly Slown from the Arrow Dog Rescue found Crooner and was able to rescue this gorgeous dog, but not before she was able to get a little video of the darling girl howling in sadness in the parking lot in which she was so coldly abandoned by her family.

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