Dog Spends Two Days Trapped in a River but Finds Forever Home

dog trapped in river

Imagine what it must be like as an animal lover to realize that there is a dog somewhere in trouble, barking for help yet you are unable to find it. The dog is barking and you know that it is in trouble, but you simply cannot find the dog. That’s what happened in El Salvador recently. Residents heard the sound of a dog barking, clearly in trouble, but they were unable to locate the animal. They searched for two days to find the animal in need of help, but they were unable to find him for that period of time. When they did finally find him, it was stuck in a river below a bridge in an area that is very difficult to see, let alone access. There was a bit of defeat in this realization, but fortunately rescuers were able to provide the kind of help that this dog needed to survive.

Animal rescuers were able to get down into the water where the dog had been stuck, hungry and cold and afraid, for two days. They were able to lift him out of the water and offer him protection and safety. It was a wonderful moment for this dog, who was very grateful to his rescuers for their amazing good deed.

Now this lovely dog is safe, sound and he even has a new home of his own. One of the women in the area who heard of the dog’s tragic tale decided to come adopt the dog, providing him with a safe home and a place to live now that he is free from the water and doing well. This dog was homeless and alone for a time that no one even knows, stuck and left for dead, and now he has a home, warmth and love and a place to call his own.

dog rescued from river

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