Dog Stays By Owners Side For Years, Even After He Passes

You hear about these stories from time to time, and every time, they make us weep like a child. Is there any love on this Earth more loyal than a dog? Some people may want to say yes, but you hear this story, it will change your mind. Miguel Guzman passed away in the hospital, and from the hospital was taken to be buried. His dog of many years and best friend, Capitan, had no idea where his master was. A few days later, someone was visiting the cemetery and noticed the dog.  But wait, the story gets even more powerful.

The craziest part was that Miguel was not buried near his house, and was buried in a cemetery that Capitan had never been to before. So how did the dog find his Master’s grave? The crazy part is still yet to come. Someone started paying attention and realized that not only did Capitan find the graveyard and the grave by himself, but he has shown up every night at six, for six years. Think about that for a long minute, please? Six years, six o’ clock, every night. Do you believe that, on this Earth, right now, you have a soul that would do that for you? That you have one person alive who would show you that type of loyalty? We ask because this dog stays by owners side for years, and sometimes, we can’t even find a friend to get a coffee with us.

That, my friends, is why we love dogs, often more than we love the humans we have ourselves surrounded with. Because they show us what love truly is. So a moment of silence for Miguel and Capitan. A truly moving story, and testimony to the love of a dog.

(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

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