How a Dog Survived 60 Days in the Wyoming Wilderness

Wilderness Dog

Dogs are remarkable creatures, but they’re not always good at surviving on their own when they’ve spent the vast majority of their lives being cared for by humans. Additionally, it’s not all that often you hear of a smaller house dog that survives in the dangerous wilderness for very long, but especially not for more than two months. This dog, miraculously, was able to do just that. This dog was able to survive alone for 60 days in the rough, dangerous Wyoming wilderness, and it’s amazing to hear the story of survival that comes along with this dog.

When Tiffany and Travis Whitsitt took their beloved dog, Hank, camping in the Wyoming wilderness, they had no idea they’d return home without their dog. Their dog ran away when he was spooked by the sound of a gun and they were unable to find him. They did all that they could, but they knew that they’d return home without their dog thanks to the fact that this is dangerous territory and their dog was not likely to survive. Hank was lost among bears, mountain lions and coyotes, and every day that passed meant it was more and more unlikely that Hank would ever return to them alive.

They even got a new dog. They never expected that their dog would return. They mourned the loss of Hank, but they hoped that their new dog would bring them a little joy. They knew their dog was dead. And then, 58 days after he went missing; someone called to say that they found Hank an hour away from the campsite in which he was lost. He’d lost 20 pounds, and he survived for nearly two months eating rabbits and avoiding the bigger, more dangerous animals that were roaming the wilderness with him. Now they are happy to have their family back.

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