Dog Survives a Near Fatal Fall at Construction Site

dog falls at construction site

We all have bad days, but it is doubtful that our bad days look much like the bad day that this dog had recently. This dog, pictured above in a very graphic and difficult to view image, took a wrong turn when he was in Peru. He wandered onto a construction site, dangerous in any way, shape or form, and fell down. When he fell of the ledge of an unfinished building, he did not fall to his death. In fact, what happened to this dog after he fell might be something many consider worse than death.

This dog fell, but he did not die. He fell onto metal bars sticking straight up out of the ground. The bars pierced his body and he fell all the way through the bars and onto the ground. The bars, it seemed, slowed him down as he fell and he was able to survive the fall. Awake and very aware, this dog laid on the ground, pierced completely through his body with metal, howling in agony.

It wasn’t long before local firefighters were called onto the scene to see if they could save the dog’s life. Using the jaws of life, they were able to remove the poles from the ground with the dog still attached and rush him to a local vet. By some act of God, or grace or mercy, this dog was able to live through the fall, the surgery to remove the pole from his body and his recovery.

He is still recovering from the trauma of this experience, but he is doing quite well at the moment. It’s a complete miracle this dog was able to survive such a traumatic experience, and the vet who saved its life is now waiting to see if someone comes forward to see if this dog is theirs or if it is a stray that will eventually need a home of his own.

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