This Dog Takes Care Of His Son In A Very Special Way


When we see the lengths parents go for their children, it often blows our minds. It is like they lose the sense of self and just live to take care of that other little life they helped make. While it is great to see it among humans, it tends to awe and move us even more when it is animals. Like take this case of the dog who is blind, and his Father, who protects him and acts as his vision for him. They say Father knows best, and this story proves that applies to dogs as well.

Lucky was a puppy born without retinas to see. Scruffy is Lucky’s father. It seemed, right from birth, Scruffy knew Lucky was somewhat different, and right from birth, he has been extra protective of his son. The the owners tried to do all they could to make life better for Lucky, it was Scruffy who quickly took to caring for the dog, and acting like its eyes.

When they walk together, Scruffy will stay by Lucky’s side, making sure the dog isn’t heading toward anything dangerous. If the dog seems to be getting lost or mixed up. Scruffy will bark so Lucky knows where he is. Even if the two manage to get separated, Scruffy will quickly get back to Lucky and lick the dog’s face to let it know he is right there and Lucky is safe. I can’t help but feel like Scruffy could teach a few humans Dads a lesson in protecting and taking care of their kids, too. Sometimes, just being there can make all the difference, and that is just what Scruffy does for Lucky.

Vision or not, Lucky does seem pretty Lucky after all.

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

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