Dog Takes Gun Shots To Protect Owners During Robbery

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Dogs will do anything for their owners, even when it means putting themselves in harm’s way. It’s how they are. They are fiercely protective of the people that they love and they will do anything to keep them safe. It was only a few weeks ago when armed intruders decided to break into the home of a 41-year-old man in Philadelphia. Whether they knew he was home or not is not something we know, but he was home and the robbers took their guns and shot the man. They killed him. However, while they were set on harming him, the man’s pit bull mix decided that this was not all right with him and tried to save his owner.

Sadly, Rhino the dog was also shot. Fortunately, the dog’s injuries did not take his life. While his owner is gone after his own wounds, the dog was able to survive. He had to endure surgery and has been in recovery for a few weeks, and he misses his owner. Thankfully, this is a dog that belongs to a family that sticks together and he was able to go home with his ‘aunt’ or the sister of his deceased owner. She is caring for this brave dog as he recovers from his own bullet wounds. She knows that this dog did everything in his power to save her brother’s life, and she is very appreciative of that.

Ivory, the sister, lost her brother and she is beyond upset. However, she is so appreciative to have this boxer pit bull mix in her life. She loves the dog and is very grateful that he was able to survive his surgery and come out of it on the other side without too much damage. Together, these two will save one another from this horrible time in their lives.

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