Quick Dog Tip of the Day: Learn More Exercise Techniques


If you like taking your dogs for walks and know that you need to get them exercise you’re already on the right track and we praise you for doing so. However we’re here to tell you there are loads of options for you and your dog. Many people put a lot of emphasis on leash walks as the ultimate in exercise for dogs.

However, what about when cold weather comes? Or how about just bad weather? In these instances you can put yourself, your dog, and others in harms way with things like icy road or slick surfaces. So if you love exercising with your dog know that there are more alternatives out there than just using the leash.

Swimming, biking, skijoring, carting, sledding, tug, fetch, running, or backpacking are just a few activities you can enjoy with your dog, depending on his health and your climate.

Always check with your vet before introducing a new exercise regimen.

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