Dog Totally Loses His Mind (In a Good Way) at PetSmart

pug in store

When this dog arrives at his favorite place on earth, he starts to get really excited.  As his owner pulls into the parking lot he tells his pooch that “We are at PetSmart.”  The tiny Pug makes all sorts of strange sounds as they park the car.  The owner asks him if he wants to go in the store and the dog almost says the word “Yes”.  This is amazing and you can tell that the dog whose name is Captain, really loves to go shopping at this pet friendly retail store.

After parking the car the owner talks to the dog some more, but the dog doesn’t want to talk. He starts getting even louder and doesn’t want to wait any longer.  Captain is very vocal about wanting to hurry up and the owner finally lets him out of the car on a leash.  The pair walks across the parking lot and then Captain starts to run, pulling his owner behind him.  This is super funny to watch and the dog acts as if this is the greatest place on earth.  The man can barely keep up with his pet and is straggling behind.

As they make their way inside of the store, the dog seems to calm down.  He walks around checking out all of the things in the store and smells were other dogs have been.  He pulls his owner towards the back of the store.   The pair enters the lobby of the pet hotel, which is located in some Petsmart stores. It is not clear if the dog will get to stay overnight, because the video ends.  But surely this pooch has been to this hotel before and is thrilled about returning.  Maybe his owner is going away on a trip and wants to leave his dog somewhere safe.  Can you imagine how thrilled this dog would be, if he got to stay inside of the store all night?  He would probably be one happy dog for sure.  If you want to check out this super cute dog lose it over a trip to the store, make sure to check out the video below.

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