11-Year-Old Pit Bull Beats Cancer and Gets an Amazing Surprise


After he was diagnosed by the vet with hemangiosarcoma, the rapid growing cancer exclusively found in dogs, Wallace the canine was given a limited time on this earth a couple of years ago. Vets estimated that the pit bull  would probably have only two weeks to three months to live without chemotherapy. The strong-willed Wallace defied the words of those vets, living even longer!

In the video below, we see visions of a happy, cancer-free Wallace, letting it rip for a double celebration: his 11th birthday and seven months chemo free. The three-minute video opens with a birthday cake for Wallace as well as shows the pit bull really going to town with his treats. He then makes his way upstairs and then excitedly opens up a big box of presents filled with toys. Like many a dog,  he demolishes a couple of his goodies right away. At one point, he’s then showered in all of his dog toys. The happy canine seems to be in heaven with all of the toys, preferring ones that squeak and expressing his happiness by lunging at it.

*Note: Since the video was posted in April 2013, Wallace passed away a few months later in August of that same year. His legacy still lives on — but for now, enjoy this adorable video in his happier days!

Photo Source: YouTube 

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