The Cutest Bullmastiff Videos of 2017

Bull Mastiffs are one of the largest breeds of dogs there is. They are big and may look intimidating due to their size, but really, they are just big loveable babies, especially towards their owners. They are strong, noble, confident and trustworthy, and despite their large size, they don’t require a lot of exercise. They generally only need to get a good walk in each day and some play time. It is during puppyhood that these guys expend a lot of energy and need their exercise. Bull Mastiffs are also a fairly clean breed and easy to maintain. They shed a minimal amount of fur and should be brushed routinely, but their main cleanliness issue lies with drooling. These are big drooling dogs and if you own one, you already know the upkeep of finding puddles of drool on your floor and probably your furniture. You’ve probably even gotten accustomed to carrying a drool rag around to mop up after your Mastiff all during the day. Bull Mastiffs are fun to watch in videos, and we have five of the cutest Bull Mastiff videos right here.

1. Lift me!

Did I mention that Bull Mastiffs tend to be big babies? Here is one example of a Bull Mastiff being just like a baby, and acting a bit spoiled. This funny Mastiff apparently wants up on the bed with his owner and buddy, but he doesn’t want to get up there on his own. He’s obviously gotten spoiled by his owner who lifts him up on the bed, and in this video, he stands at the side of the bed, begging his owner to lift him up again. When his owner refuses to, the Mastiff just keeps talking until his owner finally gives in. Too cute, and you’ll probably agree.

2. Dozing and nodding off

Have you ever been so tired you started to doze off in church, sitting in the pew, or maybe in a boring classroom lecture? We all have been that tired, and here is a Bull Mastiff who is that tired, too. He’s fighting the sleep, trying so hard to stay sitting upright, but his eyelids just won’t stay open. His owner keeps asking him what’s wrong and what he’s doing, and when he hears her voice, his eyes spring open. But this only last for a minute because eventually, this guy can’t fight it anymore and he plops down on the couch to succumb to a nap.

3. Fireworks scare!

Bull Mastiffs are supposed to be noble and confident. Well, here is one Bull Mastiff who is a bit of a scaredy cat and it’s all because of fireworks. I guess it’s fair to say that most dogs are afraid of fireworks, but you might imagine that a big, strapping dog like a Bull Mastiff might have a bit more fearlessness in them than a poodle. And you probably wouldn’t think that a big Mastiff would need to crawl up in their mommy’s lap like a poodle, either. But here’s one that does, and you can’t help but think how cute it is to see this Mastiff sitting in his mom’s lap, being held like a little baby, all because of some fireworks.

4. Stop singing, please!

The owner of this Bull Mastiff apparently loves aggravating his dog and he does it by singing. Breaking out into a tune of The 12 Days of Christmas, the Bull Mastiff clearly thinks he sings awful and wants him to stop singing. Watch this Mastiff try to stop his owner from singing, and how frustrated he gets when he won’t. If he only knew that his whining and moaning really don’t sound much better than the Christmas song.

5. You can’t make me go to bed

Children often do this if they are being made to go to bed, or anything else they don’t want to do. They become stubborn and freeze up and make it difficult for their parent to pick them up or move them. Well, apparently even Bull Mastiffs have stubborn streaks and will lock their bodies up and make it difficult for their owner to move them. Not they are easy to move at any given time. This owner is trying to get his Mastiff in his crate for bedtime and he refuses to go. It is an adorable, and yes, funny video, watching this big Mastiff try to get his way by not budging one inch while his owner struggles to get him in his crate. It’s the cutest Bull Mastiff video. Watch.

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