The Cutest Chihuahua Puppies Videos of 2017

Chihuahuas are some of the cutest little dogs in the toy breed. They may be little, but they are known to have a big attitude and can be quite comical about it, too. This breed comes in both short and long-haired versions and they can vary in weight, but most often, these little guys weigh just pounds, which is one of their biggest selling points. People who want a small dog that is easy to carry around or lay in your lap on the couch, are often drawn to these little dogs. They are one of the most popular breeds among families, and especially those who live in small living spaces, and the elderly. If you love cute, and even funny dog videos, capturing the funny antics and little personalities of a Chihuahua puppy, are some of the best. So, just to give you a smile for the day, here are the cutest Chihuahua puppy videos of 2017.

5. Don’t touch Leon’s T-bone

This little guy is serious about his T-bone. Chihuahuas tend to be very protective over what they think is theirs, and this is especially true when it comes to a good, juicy bone. Leon the Chihuahua is obviously very happy and content to be chewing away on his T-bone when his owner steps in and tries to take the bone. Leon wasn’t having anything to do with anyone getting close to his bone, much less taking his bone away. The second anyone gets close, Leon is ready to protect and attack, which he does. In this video, you get to see a lot of Chihuahua teeth and hear a lot of snarling and growling as he lunges at his owner, biting the camera in the process and intimidating a Doberman who happens to be about 10x his size. You can’t help but get a good laugh at this video of a little Chihuahua.

4. Don’t touch my toy!

This adorable Chihuahua pup is having a hard time watching other little Chihuahuas playing with his toys. Watch this puppy as he notices his toys being messed with by others, on the floor below him, and there isn’t much he can do about it, since it appears that he is afraid to jump down to stop them. The cute little dog is having a fit, and you can hear and see his frustration as he tries to stop them from up on the couch. This is one cute little Chihuahua, who is already developing a little attitude from a very young age.

3. No jacket!

I’m not sure, but I don’t think I’ve seen anything cuter. This little Chihuahua pup has obviously been given a little jacket (that is too cute), by his owner, who apparently likes it more than the puppy. The owner films the little pup bouncing around on the couch, and not very happily, either. He doesn’t seem to like the jacket, that looks more like a life vest, and he’s letting his owner know about it. This is a video that will have you smiling ear-to-ear with how cute this little guy is, especially because of the orange looking vest. Watch him tell his owner what he thinks about it – and what he says is, “No!”

2. Playtime with Buddy

Buddy is so small he could almost pass for a rat, but he’s not. He’s a Chihuahua puppy who is full of energy and a lot of bounce. Buddy’s owner is having fun getting Buddy to bounce and jump around for the camera and he’s having a ball. There’s nothing cuter than seeing a tiny little puppy playing, except maybe, an extra tiny puppy. Watch Buddy get so excited playing, well, he even has a little accident on the rug he gets so excited, but it doesn’t stop his owner from getting him to jump and play and have some fun.

1. Nine weeks old and learning to play, with attitude

At nine weeks old, this little Chihuahua pup is already strutting his stuff. He’s developing his little bark and showing off his voice as he struts around the room and playing with his owner and other dog, who appears to be mamma Chihuahua. You can already see that he is going to have the typical little Chihuahua attitude that most of this breed gets, by the time he’s full-grown, but right now, all it is, is too cute. Watch this video and you’ll get a little chuckle watching this tiny pup trying to cop an attitude at just nine weeks.


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