The Cutest Springer Spaniel Puppies Videos of 2017

Springer Spaniels are one of the most popular Spaniel breeds of the Spaniels. They are fairly high energy dogs that were bred to work closely with their hunter owners and retrieve game. This is a medium-sized breed of dog that is quite intelligent and pretty easy to train. Because they love to be with people so much, they can get bored easily. That coupled with the fact that they have a natural-inborn desire to retrieve, this can cause issues with chewing destructively if left alone too long. Spring Spaniels have fun, loving personalities and are a lot of fun to watch, interact and play with as puppies. If you love to watch puppies at play, take a look at these videos. These are the cutest Springer Spaniel puppy videos of 20217.

5. That’s my toy!

These two adorable Springer Spaniel pups are in a very playful mood and when they spot a toy to play with, they don’t hesitate to get it – it doesn’t matter that the toy doesn’t really belong to them, they just want to have fun. But when the rightful owner of the toy appears, which happens to be a little ferret, it becomes a tug-of-war over the toy and the game becomes even more interesting to these little puppies who are determined to keep it. Springer Spaniels are full of energy, even as adults, so you can imagine the energy these two little guys have. After you watch this, you’ll see why it’s one of the cutest Springer Spaniel puppies ever.

4. I hear Momma!

These very young little pups are fast asleep in their pen when mom and dad come in the room. One of the pups detects mom is near and finds his way out of bed, but what happens when momma jumps in the pen is so cute. The minute she gets in the pen with the pups, all of the come to live and start squirming around to get to her. They obviously want her attention, but it doesn’t appear she is too interested in it, at least at that moment, because she’s quick to hop back out again. This is one of the most adorable Springer Spaniel videos, just because the reaction these pups have at the sheer sense of mom being close, is amazing!

3. Look at what I can do!

This little Springer Spaniel pup is only 12 weeks old and look what she can do. She is learning all kinds of new tricks and for just 12 weeks old, doing an amazing job, from turn-around, to high five, sit and more. Watch this cute little video with this very smart Springer Spaniel puppy and see how cute she is as she performs her little tricks for her treats.

2. Chicken chasing time

There’s nothing cuter than a little puppy chasing another animal. This adorable Springer Spaniel pup has found something way better than a squeaky toy to chase, he’s got real chickens, but the only thing is, these chickens are way too fast and the puppy is way too clumsy! The chase makes for a great video though, so watch it and see how cute you think it is.

1. Is this how you play Frisbee?

This is one of the cutest, and the funniest Springer Spaniel videos. This little guy was playing Frisbee with an older dog and somehow, some way, he managed to get his head through the middle of the Frisbee and got it stuck. The older dog is either trying to help the little guy, or he’s trying to keep playing with the Frisbee; it’s hard to tell, but either way, that Frisbee isn’t coming off. Watch the funny video to see how this Spring Spaniel pup is trying to figure out what to do with the toy he was just playing with moments ago, that now has him trapped in a predicament.


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