Watch This Former Puppy Mill Dog Become a Television Star

dogs in commercial

Meet Miz. Miz is the darling white terrier in these photos and this video, and she is one heck of a dog. Miz had a rough start to life. Miz was a dog that grew up in a puppy mill. She was used to breed litter after litter so that people who wanted to make a quick buck could sell designer dogs that might or might not have been raised in a healthy environment with healthy backgrounds and proper genetics. This type of breeding practice is highly illegal, and it’s disgusting. The dogs raised in these conditions are abused, neglected and used, and it’s not good for them. Miz was rescued from this life, thankfully, and she and the two dogs in these photos with her were adopted by a California filmmaker and his girlfriend.

Jacob Chase, the filmmaker, decided that they would make a video using their dogs as part of a competition for the Doritos “Crash the Superbowl,” contest. The video is cute, hilarious and just about as innovative as you might imagine, and it was chosen as one of the finalists for the competition. Two other videos were also chosen, but none make us feel quite so warm and fuzzy on the inside as this video considering the fact that the dogs in it are all rescues that came from horrible backgrounds. Who says a dog cannot overcome the horrors of neglect and abuse to become movie stars? Just check out their hilarious commercial and see for yourself.

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