Watch What This Dog Is Willing to Do For Food

dog dancing for food

What will you do for food? Depending on several different factors, there are few things that I would not do for food. If you are offering me my favorite dishes, I will do pretty much anything. Most days I realize I haven’t eaten all day long – when I get home from picking up my kids from school. I realize this because I am so busy getting them ready for school in the morning, cleaning up after my twins, playing with them, feeding them, working from home, keeping the house clean and getting everyone ready for their various practices and whatnot every afternoon that I forget to eat. I have a few free minutes, I’m working. The babies are napping; I’m working. I am just often too busy to eat, and that’s all right.

Except that I am starving when I realize this, and it means that I spend the rest of the afternoon willing dinner to get here. If I eat at that point, I won’t eat dinner and then I’ll find that I’m starving again when I go to bed. So, if you have my favorite foods, I’ll do anything. That’s what this dog and I have in common. We really love food, and we will really do a lot more than we probably care to admit to actually have some food. This dog will dance for you. Most women will not do the dancing to get the food, but this dog is willing to break it down and shake it for you to get some food, and you have to see how cute it is.

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