Dog Who Suffered in Silence Needs Help for a Second Chance

Silenced Dog

Operating an animal rescue center is a daunting task for many reasons. It is a job that has little promise of financial security, it is very difficult and sensitive work, and most of all, it is heartbreaking to witness firsthand the effects of animal abuse. For many people, the thought of operating a rescue is simply out of the question.

To compound the difficulties of helping animals regain their health and find homes, many of these animals require expensive medical attention. For rescues that are smaller and community-based, even a surgery that costs a couple thousand dollars is a huge burden. Yet, rescues all across the country desperately continue to seek funds for their animals.

From the outside, this may seem to be a strange and difficult thing to dedicate one’s life to. However, after witnessing a case like the 2-year-old puppy Petey, it begins to make sense.

Petey was a difficult dog to handle not because he was aggressive or lame, but because he appeared normal on the surface. However, workers at the Forget Me Not Animal Rescue in Ohio noticed that even the most routine stimuli like cars or people would send him into great distress. Despite finding no issues at a vet, Petey’s foster family knew something was wrong.

After insisting on a more detailed examination, it was found that Petey had suffered extreme abuse. This abuse had left the dog, only 2 years old, with nerve damage, broken kneecaps, and hips that need replacing. The most startling aspect of the dog, however, was the love and affection he showed others. Even after experiencing untold violence, Petey maintained a kind and compassionate temperament.

Petey’s injuries require a very expensive surgery to fix. The bill will top $8000, an enormous sum for a local animal rescue. However, it is the type of courage and perseverance seen in loving dogs like Petey that give workers at these rescues the drive to continue helping abused animals.

For most people, hurting an animal is incomprehensible. However, rescues require more than kindness; they require a great deal of monetary support. With increased community involvement, rescues will be better able to treat the afflictions of these poor animals and allow them to live happily with caring families.

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