Dog With Rare Disorder Makes An Amazing Friend

wobbly dog

Meet Kolima. Kolima is a dog with a very rare disorder called Wobbler’s Syndrome. It has a far more medically scientific name, but no one can pronounce it or spell it or recognize it, so it’s the easy name we’re using here. Basically, it means that dogs with this syndrome are born with a very difficult life ahead of them. They do not have the ability to do many of the things that other dogs are capable of doing. Not only is it difficult for a dog with this syndrome to function in general, it is next to impossible for a dog with this syndrome to do anything such as run, play or enjoy life the way that other dogs are so accustomed to enjoying life. It is sad.

However, Kolima has found an amazing friend to be by his side whenever he is feeling less than great. Since he suffers from a stiff gait, a neck that often hurts and likely possible paralysis from his disorder, he has a difficult time moving around even just a little. Even walking is almost impossible, getting up from his spot on the floor is nearly impossible and doing anything that requires movement or activity is almost impossible. However, he has a friend in the way of a donkey. Every single time his owners take him out to the barn to play with the donkey, the say he has the most amazing change in attitude and he is so much happier than he usually is. Check it out below.

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