Dog Without Use of Her Hind Legs Walks on Her Arms

walking dog

So many dogs that come from puppy mills have severe health issues. Remember how we mentioned once or twice in the past that we don’t approve of purchasing animals at a pet store because many of those pets stores bring in their puppies from puppy mills? These are locations that simply hold captive dogs and breed them over and over again, not with proper procedure. This usually means that puppies are inbred. They have some serious health issues because of that, and they are not usually very well cared for so they have the issue that they are also usually malnourished and have several deformities. It’s not the fault of the puppies, of course, but it is the fault of those who run these puppy mills.

Lola is a puppy that came from a mill. She’s got some issues, but she’s working through them. She has back legs, but she has no mobility in them. While there is no official word on what might be the issue, she was born in a puppy mill; that is often explanation enough. Lola is the kind of dog that has a wonderful outlook on life, and she does not seem to mind the fact that she cannot get around on her hind legs. In fact, she works hard to get around another way, instead. She walks on her front legs and she basically does a handstand as she walks around and makes it through life in that manner. It’s adorable, and you can watch her do it below.   

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