Dog Yoga Is Gaining Popularity

As much as my initial reaction to this is to want to make fun of it, I have to fight that urge, because anything people do to help their dogs get healthy and happy is something I can get behind. Still, this all sounds a little strange.   What am I speaking of? Why, the newest trend of dog yoga, of course. I know, I know, it takes a minute to really process it. Rest assured, this is very much a real thing.

The craziest part in all this is that all the owners who made their dogs do dog yoga said they experienced an outward change in their dogs. The dogs are calmer, less prone to emotional outbursts, and sleeping better than they ever had before. Don’t think they needed help with that last one, though. What you need to understand about a dog is, they retain stress and physical pain in much the same way a human does, so it makes sense that they could alleviate that stress and pain in the same way humans do, right? In that sense, dog yoga is sort of genius.

On top of that, there are people who swear to doing yoga with their dogs. They say it bonds them more with the animal, and also gives them an understanding of perhaps why they see their human friends making weird poses and holding them in place sometimes. Honestly, you can find this strange. There is nothing against that. That is your right. But looking at the big picture, it is not hurting the dogs and is probably helping them in ways we can’t understand, so as odd as it is, we support it 100%.

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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