Dogfighting Ringleader Sentenced to 20 Years Behind Bars

dog fighting leader

Justice has prevailed for animal lovers and animals alike in Bartow, Florida now that Hewitt Grant II has been sentenced to two decades behind bars. The Florida resident was arrested in 2007 after it was discovered he was running an illegal dog fighting ring out of his home. He was charged with more than 80 counts of animal abuse and other charges, and he was sentenced to one year in jail. Unfortunately, his attorney realized that the search of Grant’s property was not completely legal thanks to a technicality, and his sentence was revoked and he was able to walk free. The best a judge could do at that point was to ban Grant II from ever owning another dog as part of his probation and his punishment.

When it was discovered that he had dogs in his possession once again, he was arrested and charged with another 84 counts. He tried to stand up for himself, along with members of his family and his church congregation to state he should not receive a jail sentence, but rather probation. Grant stated that if he was not sent to jail, he would wisely use his time to repair his broken relationships with his two children, his community and the people in his life. Apparently, a Florida judge did not care that this animal abuser felt that he needed to do something like this to ‘make up’ for his familial issues and chose, instead, to sentence him to 20 years behind bars for willfully violating the terms of his court order.

Florida residents can rest assured that this man will not be hoarding and abusing dogs anymore for the sport and pleasure that he feels it brings him. He’s going to be too busy avoiding jail fights instead of worrying about dog fights in his own home.


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