Doggie Doctor Does a Dog-Gone Good Checkup For her Dog

doggie doctor

There are two things to which I’d like to call attention in this particular video. The first is that so many people are terrified to allow their children around large dogs, and it’s videos like this one that remind us that large dogs are protective, friendly and willing to do anything to help their little ones lives a happy life. This dog is twice the size of his little girl and he is still sitting patiently beside her while she gives him a very important check-up. What’s more important to realize is that we all know this dog hates going to the vet just like any other animal and he never sits still for that check-up when it’s time to have it.

However, he’s got no problem sitting still for his sweet little girl as she uses her Doc McStuffins’ doctor kit to give him the medical attention he had no idea he needed. The second point I wanted to make here is that we should all get a dog like this for our little girls and their doctor kits. I’m just saying that our middle daughter has the Doc McStuffins actual vet’s office in her bedroom and she likes for us to come into her room and sit through her check-up, which involves pounding our knees with her little knee pounding tool and attempting to shove foreign objects in our ears and nostrils. A dog like this would solve some of our first world problems. Just take a look and try not to die over all the sweet.

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