Consider “Doggie Drinklets:” A Portable Water Bowl for Your Dog

Many people love to take their dog out and about, whether on a walk, run, hiking, biking, or to the park to get some playtime in with other dogs. No matter where you take your dog, even if it’s just on a car ride, your dog will likely be away from his water dish and not have easy access to a drink when he gets thirsty. This can be hard on your dog, and dangerous, if temperatures rise to the point where they can get dehydrated easily. While you’re conveniently holding your water bottle, your dog suffers from thirst, but if you’re like many pet owners, you’ve tried to go to all different types of measures to get your dog a drink, but it’s never easy when you don’t have the proper dispenser to hold it. You can cup your hands, pour some on the ground in a puddle and encourage them to hurry and lap it up, or other means of trying to get water to your dog, but it isn’t usually sufficient enough to quench their thirst. Well, now you can be sure your dog will have water to drink on his outings and it’s as easy as pulling a little plastic cup out of your pocket, purse, or anywhere you want to store it. It’s called a “Doggie Drinklet,” and they’re the newest pet care product that pet owners are grabbing off the shelves, especially active dog owners with active dogs. You should consider them too, here’s why.

Doggie Drinklets make keeping your dog healthy and happy with water while you’re out and about, easy and convenient. These little plastic pouches are sturdy and measure 3 x 3.5. They’re shaped like a little bowl and can hold over a cup of water or food, if that’s what you need it to. Whatever you need it to hold for your dog, you simply fill it and hold it in your hands for him to get the water or food, set it on the ground, or on the car seat, or wherever you need and can. Your dog will be able to have his normal nutrition or water no matter where you are.

These portable water bowls are so convenient that you can carry them anywhere; in your pocket, your purse, wallet, even in your dog’s jacket or sweater pocket. Your dog won’t ever have to be without water when you have these pouches with you. Another great feature is that you get five of them. They are reusable, which means that five is really even more, since they can last past one use. If you need to dispose of them after one use, you can just toss them away, too.

So, next time you’re out on a hike, jog, or playtime at the park with your furry friend, don’t forget to bring along a Doggie Drinklet for your dog. When you have one with you, all you need is a source of water to fill it with; a water bottle, faucet, sink, hose or any other water supply, and your dog will stay hydrated, happy, and happy, which means longer, more comfortable playtime for both of you,

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