Five Benefits of Taking Your Dog To Work


Ever notice how pets just seem to make life a little easier to handle sometimes? You might have even noticed that some folks are toting their favorite four-legged canine companions around a lot more often these days, whether it be to the store, to work, or just anywhere they want to go. There are a few benefits to this practice that a lot of people still don’t know about, as dogs tend to make a person’s day just a bit brighter for being in it. In fact, June 26th is bring your dog to work day. Yep, that’s an actual thing.

Here are just a few benefits that you can enjoy by allowing your furry friend to tag along.

Your job satisfaction goes way up.

A lot of times you might sit at the office wondering if your dog is okay at home or they’re getting bored enough to start chewing up the furniture and anything in reach. By taking them to work with you that problem is solved because all you need to do is look down to see that they’re doing just fine. This will allow you to be more productive and enjoy a more fulfilling day on the job.

More opportunities to exercise.

Your dog can’t just sit and stay all day, they need to get out. This grants you the opportunity to get up and get outside more often so that you can keep up your energy levels and make it through your day in a more positive and refreshed manner.

Better workplace socialization.

Bringing your dog to work can actually give you a little more to talk about and can help to stimulate better and more meaningful conversations with your co-workers. Don’t ask why it works, it just does. People tend to be a little more social when pets are around, maybe because there’s something else to discuss at that point.

Productivity tends to increase.

Much as your dog seems to lessen the stress at home they can also help to reduce the stress levels at work, which can and usually does result in increased productivity. There’s just something about the laid back quality of a dog and that easy, friendly smile that makes stress melt away.

Dogs can reduce the stress level of an entire area.

Only in the most extreme cases is this seen to not work. Otherwise dogs are often seen to affect the stress level of a group in a very positive manner. Their easygoing nature and ability to gain the attention and affections of many people at once are a huge boon to any office environment. It’s important not to stress your dog out, but more often than not they are a welcome sight to most as they are able to reduce the stress level of many situations.

There are of course environments and situations when it might be best to leave your furry companion at home, but overall dogs are great stress relievers in the workplace. Their need to please and ability to adapt to many different environments make them the perfect pet to take on the job.

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